ponedjeljak, 24. kolovoza 2015.

New software and the old hardware

I've caught a part of History channel piece where different scientists argument theories on human race i.e. why history constantly repeats, why all these bad events happen etc. Premise is following: humans use 21st century software (technology) on 50,000 year old hardware (primarily brain and its usage). We did not change at our very core, we are still hunters and collectors with more dangerous toys. Those few that did evolve were the Great ones ahead of their and I would dare say our time, such as Da Vinci, Tesla, Newton etc. They hoped their inventions would improve life and people themselves. That did not happen. We, the people, still think sole technology is progress and evolution, period. We fail to comprehend that true progress is improving and evolving ourselves. Thus when I occasionaly say we need to go back to caves, due to the fact we are evolving backwards - I was partly right. We need to go back to caves as we did not evolve, period.

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