subota, 15. kolovoza 2015.

Basketball cadets and how they tought us a lesson

It's been a while since I was so proud of anybody, especially younger generation. Bosnian basketball cadets these days tought us a lesson what it means to fight with all you've got for something you love and believe in.
Some would say and saying it "oh they are just cadets, meaning under 17 years of age"! Well, let me tell you something, those "just cadets", and "just basketball" (meanining not soccer) managed to get to European finals to be played this evening with "only" hard work, sweat, comarade, team spirit and tears!!! Absolutely no financial support, no material incentives, just their spirit which I tought was long time lost in these areas and across this planet!!
So take a bow kids!!! I aplaude you and I am a fan!!

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