ponedjeljak, 17. kolovoza 2015.

Basketball cadets - my heroes

And they did it!! Bosnian basketball cadets won the European championship!! After a very long time I watched the game with the excitement, yelling, cheering with such intensity that my son told me I scared him. He never saw me like that and he could not. This was long overdue -the game for the love of the game, the passion of these young players, kids only, and their determination to win while trusting and counting on each other. And that was the key - they played as a team, as brothers and they were from all parts of Bosnia, of different nationalities and religions. The same issue our politicians and the rest of old farts and haters keep telling us it is not possible.
Well these young people proved them wrong and reminded us of something we have forgotten: Divided we fall, united we stand ... and WIN!!!
Wish you all the best, boys, and stay just the way you are. We cannot teach you anything, you can teach us.

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