ponedjeljak, 31. kolovoza 2015.

When you give an authority to a cockroach

I didn't plan to write anything for today until I've seen this image in the news.
Hungarian border police made Syrian refugees kneel in the line for train ticket.
I am fuming! How small and disgusting person you have to be to do that?! How unsure of yourself those people (read: worms)are when they have to belittle other human beings!
History always talks and writes about dictators and evil leaders. But none of them would have made it if it wasn't for these small souls who live in a pit and wait for their moment!
We all have them! No country is free from them.
There is a saying - give a man a bit of power and you will see how he is.

nedjelja, 30. kolovoza 2015.

The city I love - Mostar

The love story with this beautiful city started more than 20 years ago. It was immediately after the war and it was completely in rubble.
But there was something ... I cannot quite explain it ... the soul, the spirit that whispered to me and even then I found it beautiful.
Today it's known for the Old Bridge, built during Ottomans, destroyed during Bosnian war and rebuilt again.
And though it is the most famous landmark .. It is not just that ... It's green Neretva river, smell of sage, old narrow roads and people.

subota, 29. kolovoza 2015.

To hell and back

No, those who escaped hell will never talk about it. There is no point. It was over and they survived.
Those who do talk about it, never even came close.

petak, 28. kolovoza 2015.

Not my job!

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Nobody wants to push a bit extra. Ih, what am I saying? Nobody wants to do their job, period.
And that attitude is spread across the society and different branches: from grocery to hospital.
The other day I went to the shop where I bought my PC, as I needed a part to replace. The guy, in absolute apathy told me they are not doing it. I responded to him aren't you in a service business? The sale itself is not a service, it is a sale!! He looked at me in disbelief, that went straight over his head.
This is just one of many illustrations of "that's not my job" attitude and they will be first ones to complain how business is going down.

četvrtak, 27. kolovoza 2015.

Sportsmanship and are we getting away from it?

The thing I always loved about sports was perserverance, spirit, teamwork and manners. Somebody will lose and somebody will win, but the good game was always a good game. You tap your oponent on the back and shake hands. Next time - who knows, again somebody will win and somebody will lose. Yet the manners we conduct ourselves whether we lose or win define us as good or bad athlete and person.

srijeda, 26. kolovoza 2015.

Find a tree and apologize

Aimed to all those in politics whose only goal is to save their cushioned seat, so called sport fans who put down the sports to all time low the way they behave, us ordinary people who rather watch vulgar and tasteless videos than something of value, whose only reading material is an oops article from self-proclaimed journalists who cannot put their facts and grammar together, my "cultured and refined" neighbors who toss the trash off a balcony ...... lot of trees out there need an apology!!

ponedjeljak, 24. kolovoza 2015.

New software and the old hardware

I've caught a part of History channel piece where different scientists argument theories on human race i.e. why history constantly repeats, why all these bad events happen etc. Premise is following: humans use 21st century software (technology) on 50,000 year old hardware (primarily brain and its usage). We did not change at our very core, we are still hunters and collectors with more dangerous toys. Those few that did evolve were the Great ones ahead of their and I would dare say our time, such as Da Vinci, Tesla, Newton etc. They hoped their inventions would improve life and people themselves. That did not happen. We, the people, still think sole technology is progress and evolution, period. We fail to comprehend that true progress is improving and evolving ourselves. Thus when I occasionaly say we need to go back to caves, due to the fact we are evolving backwards - I was partly right. We need to go back to caves as we did not evolve, period.

subota, 22. kolovoza 2015.

Despair, geopolitics and semantics

I've seen lot of images like this lately. This one in particular moved me to the core. It's a "migrant" with his child on Greek-Macedonian border.
I see a parent in absolute despair trying to save his child and hopelessness. 
I do not see a migrant. Unless I am wrong, migrant is defined as a person who moves to another place in search for better living conditions.
That person still has somewhat decent living conditions back home.
I don't see that here. I see a refugee. Yet the migrant and refugee have different status. And geopolitics of the time drives the semantics.
And the semantics will decide who lives and who dies.
Great job for us humans of 21st century!

četvrtak, 20. kolovoza 2015.

Mad mad world

Sounds like 1963 comedy, great movie but this is not it. Quite frequently I ask myself if we live on the other side of the mirror as everything turned on its head.
This morning I read parrot got arrested for cursing and dolphin for spying? Are you kidding me??!!
We live in 21st century and the issues we had in century 1 are still the same just the players changed. We still have wars, people suffering, ignorance, hate, profiteers, opportunists, those in power and those who are not. We call ourselves civilized, and there is nothing civilized in anything we do, unless I got the wrong definition of being civil from another side of a mirror where things actually work. That could very well be it.

srijeda, 19. kolovoza 2015.

Haters or ignorant?

I was always wondering what leads people to hate. Is it ignorance, the basic lack of knowledge or something else? Is it easier to hate when you are ignorant? Or is it easier to be ignorant when you are already full of hate?
Is it easier to manipulate over ignorant or hateful person? Is it both?
Or is it that simple as Nietzsche explained? Could it be??

ponedjeljak, 17. kolovoza 2015.

Basketball cadets - my heroes

And they did it!! Bosnian basketball cadets won the European championship!! After a very long time I watched the game with the excitement, yelling, cheering with such intensity that my son told me I scared him. He never saw me like that and he could not. This was long overdue -the game for the love of the game, the passion of these young players, kids only, and their determination to win while trusting and counting on each other. And that was the key - they played as a team, as brothers and they were from all parts of Bosnia, of different nationalities and religions. The same issue our politicians and the rest of old farts and haters keep telling us it is not possible.
Well these young people proved them wrong and reminded us of something we have forgotten: Divided we fall, united we stand ... and WIN!!!
Wish you all the best, boys, and stay just the way you are. We cannot teach you anything, you can teach us.

nedjelja, 16. kolovoza 2015.

subota, 15. kolovoza 2015.

Basketball cadets and how they tought us a lesson

It's been a while since I was so proud of anybody, especially younger generation. Bosnian basketball cadets these days tought us a lesson what it means to fight with all you've got for something you love and believe in.
Some would say and saying it "oh they are just cadets, meaning under 17 years of age"! Well, let me tell you something, those "just cadets", and "just basketball" (meanining not soccer) managed to get to European finals to be played this evening with "only" hard work, sweat, comarade, team spirit and tears!!! Absolutely no financial support, no material incentives, just their spirit which I tought was long time lost in these areas and across this planet!!
So take a bow kids!!! I aplaude you and I am a fan!!


That's what I enjoy the most lately. Not the crowd, not the posing, not loud - just a peaceful sea, smell of pine trees and perhaps a glass of wine.

petak, 14. kolovoza 2015.

Tought for good night

And in the end, after all the trouble, problems, world turning up side down, people failing on basic and essential ethical values ... one thing does not change and stands firm like a rock - absolute and unconditional love!!!
Sleep tight.


Does it still exist? Does anybody understand it anymore? Or it's just an "old school" now?

Keep trying

These days were not good days. Everything was 1 step forward 2 steps back and sometimes no forward at all. I did try though. Right now I am not sure if that is any concelation.


Today, it seems one has to be either or. What happened to objective and fair approach? Problem solvers are called upon only when things go really wrong.

četvrtak, 13. kolovoza 2015.

Reading is still important

Hear me out tech generation. Pushing the buttons, creating links and texting might be fun when you are young. However, at some point you would need to read to have an actual conversation, debate, knowledge on certain topics and grammar. Lol,blinks and whatever you use now will not cut it.

Days like that...

Have you ever had days when you are tired of explaining, debating, proving the point, arguing etc.?
I do and I found these sunglasses that are self-explanatory.

srijeda, 12. kolovoza 2015.


So can todays managers and wanna be leaders comprehend this statement??
What do you think?
After all we live in me me me world##$