nedjelja, 30. srpnja 2017.


After Bridge of Spies, Dunkirk was the first movie that genuinely resonated with me. It was a human experience in war times that touched me. Anxiety, fear, will to survive, being lost and being brave. As someone who did experience war, I could understand what was attempted (successfully in my opinion) to be depicted. We forget soldiers are humans. Not robots you switch off and on.
And no, there were no amusing dialogues.  There is nothing amusing about war. And no, there were no super heroes. Just ordinary people who wanted to survive and in a process discovered what they were made of. Some exhibited unbelievable bravery and sacrifice. Some didn't.  The thing is - none of us know what lies inside us till that point.
So for those of you that expect Rambo type action movie - don't bother watching it.

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